Our family-owned business is focused on raising the most delicious Wagyu beef. From our fields to our friends.

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The team at Branded Wagyu is passionate about every step in their process of bringin to hand the finest beef around. Their Black Wagyu cattle are bred and raised on one Montana ranch, by one family and one manager, an approach that gives Branded Wagyu the ultimate in quality control and end product: deliciously marbled cuts of beef for amazing flavor.

A super beef of sorts. Wagyu is known for its rich, buttery taste and for being so tender it actually melts in your mouth. Branded Wagyu’s cattle are rasied in Lewistown, Montana.

As a 4th generation rancher, and a proven track record breeding angus, Branded is excited to bring that experience and attention to detail to the Wagyu market. Branded Wagyu has been successfully breading with bulls from Crescent Harbor Ranch. Crescent has the finest full-blooded Wagyu seed stock in America ensuring the highest quality Kobe Beef outside of Japan.


It’s hard to find someone that visits Lewistown and doesn’t love it. This part of Central Montana is known for its rich ranching history, its pristine Spring Creek rivers and amazing mountain vistas. Our ranch land is spread throughout the area to provide the best stress-free grazing.  

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Our family-owned business is focused on raising the most delicious Wagyu beef on one ranch in Lewistown, Montana.


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